I have just been named BFF by J. Why? It’s because C refuses to have that titled (in jest…. I think).

We’ll me and my new BFF are going to learn Wind Surfing and maybe Rock Climbing in the coming year.

J is a young lady now and a very helpful assistant for me. One thing for sure, I gave her hell when she was younger but she has responded well. She has learnt how to manage the “driver”. She smells trouble pretty quickly, has a great temperament and an uncanny ability to give humorous responses.

I am blessed with four wonderful women in my life.

At same company event, several people had asked C to sing. Been the feline that she is, she resisted. Eventually M needled her to do it.

C : I don’t know what song to sing.

This is where the Saint Bernard comes to the rescue. J helps her sister chose a song and rehearses with her. J, C and K singing together to practice for C’s solo.

That night at the dinner, C was invited up to sing and she does it accapela. It was beautiful and everyone enjoyed it. Many praised her for it. C is a shy cat and it took a lot to stand up on stage and perform solo. We are so glad she did it and I am pretty sure she did too. So proud of my cat.

The girls were invited to joining caroling to some residents of an old folks home. At the event we went from room to room, singing and handing out presents. It was a joy to see the smiles on the elderly.

Towards the end there was a buffet meal set out for the residents.

K : I saw an old lady in the room alone and she did seem to have a present. She seems so lonely.

James : Should we get her a present then?

K : How?

James : Let’s ask. They prepared presents for everyone.

K manages to get a present and I accompany her to the room. The old lady was asleep and we put the present at the foot of her bed.

That is K who has loads of emphaty. I have seen a glimpse of the future where her kindness will shine and I love it. May The Lord always walk with her and her sisters.

It was a company event and we had two large rooms to share among the five of us. Two king sized beds. 3 bad sleepers. J, C and K can’t sleep together on the same bed. K jumps into bed….

K : The sheets are so soft and comfy

Later, it was decided K would sleep on the large sofa in the room. James gets the extra blankets and tucks her in. K doesn’t put up a fuss but quietly mentions the blankets were not that soft. K slept on the sofa that night.

The next day, it was a busy, tiring but fun day. At the end of the day, all were back in the room and getting ready to sleep.

James : K you can sleep with mummy and daddy tonight.

K : Why?

K knows that James usually does not sleep that well with her in the bed.

M : Maybe because James is nice!

All get cosy in their beds with K sandwiched between James and M that night.

The next day….

James : Do you know why I let you sleep with us last night?

K : Because you are nice?

James : No

K : ?

James : It is because you are a nice Princess

James : That day when you tried the big beds, you mentioned how nice it was and then you went ahead to sleep on the sofa even though it was not that nice.

James : When I went to bed, I too felt the bed was very nice and that you deserve to enjoy it too but you did insist because you thought I would not sleep well.

James : Right?

K : sheepish smile

James : That is why I said you were a nice Princess. I did not let you sleep together with us because I was nice. It was because you were a nice Princess and you should enjoy the comforts like the rest of us.


K has been going for some drama classes where she is learning some monologues. As part of her practice she was going to perform for M and James. When she finished, we decided to ask her about her own performance instead of commenting on it.

James : What did you think of your own performance?

K : Errrrrr….. I don’t know

James : Did you think you did well or there was room for improvement?

K smiles sheepishly

M : Do you feel confident about your own performance?

K : Well I was quite confident about my Chinese composition but I only got bloody 21 marks! You see I am not sure anymore.

James and M roll in laughter. K looks bemused.

Looks like recent events has been a humbling experience. She really did quite well. Especially on the evil character. Come to think of it, the older sis C would do well in evil characters too. Maybe I should write a play titled “The Evil Sisters” based on their bickering with some spice added to it.

Getting ready

All parents since we were young prepared us to be ready for when they are not around. They push us, consoled us, taught us, feed us and more importantly loved us in their own unique ways. As children we may not have appreciated it. Now my parents are gone, I am very sure they have prepared me well. Not just because they they did all of the above but because they tried. Everyday till the end they kept trying and never stopped trying. I will always remember that and pray that they are now were I hope they will be. From my parents I have learnt to keep preparing the next generation and to keep trying.

Having dinner. J comes over.

J : By the way I got my report book back (for the mid year test results)

She places it on the table at the side.

James : Are you going to give me a summary of how you did?

J : There are no short cuts in life buddy. You have to go read it yourself.

Amused and dumbstruck but must admit that it is a good one. I learnt senior management request doesn’t work at home. Especially with smart kids.


On the way home from school.

J : My prayer worked!

James : You have gotten your geography results back?

J : Yes, I passes!

James : That’s great.

J : It worked cause many people failed the paper!

James : Now you need a new prayer.

J : Huh?

James : Now you need to pray for a better method to study so it sticks and the next prayer won’t be “Please let me pass.”.

J : Ah right…

Keep the faith but make you what you ask for is going to sustain you with your own efforts. More things to learn from your kids.


It’s bed time and K goes to brush her teeth.

K : Daddy….

James : What?

Goes into the bathroom and notices K is bleeding in her mouth.

K : My shaky tooth is coming out (in a mumbled voice)

I inspect and realise one of her milk teeth has come loose but not out completely. It is bleeding from there.

K is normally quite squeamish about such things.

James : I am just going to have to get it out.

I wash my hands and proceed to try and pull it out. Unfortunately my fingers are too fat to grip the tooth in the awkward position. L

James : I can’t get a hold of it. You will have to pull it out yourself.

K squirms some more.

James : Well you can leave it there and bleed the whole night cause we can’t stop the bleeding without the tooth out.

K proceeds to pluck the loose tooth out without much fanfare.

James : Bravo. See its not that bad. Bite on this gauze to stop the bleeding.

I have failed at been a dentist this time but K definitely stepped up to the plate and finished the job. Another good night with one more accomplishment by my pets to be proud of. Sometimes we wish adults would make decisions like this.


In light of day
In the dark of night
Can we stand the infinity of silence,
The realm of the Divine
Can we stay still or remain restless in defiance